Welcome! My name is Erik Gault and I am looking to be your voice on the City Council in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

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Erik Gault Intro

Erik Gault Intro

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Erik Gault grew up in Grande Prairie and is now raising his own family here. He is married (Pamela) and has two sons (Kire,12 and Arkael,10). During his time working and recreating within the city of Grande Prairie, Erik has spent time reflecting on the community he loves to call home, and desires to be a voice for those who need to be heard. His main goal is to build a stronger, more stable community through careful, thoughtful advocacy. 


Erik has served on community boards since 2014 and has been an active volunteer for over 20 years; helping to lead and support various organizations with the intention of serving and uplifting others.  He combines a logical, practical mind with a highly empathic listening ear-- both of which he is keen to offer in service to the people of Grande Prairie. 

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Erik wants to be your voice for change and improvement in our community.

He will listen, learn from and work along side with our city's volunteers, boards and other elected councillors, to build the best version of Grande Prairie!


Quality of Life

The current council has already set out a plan to improve quality of life for the citizens of Grande Prairie. Over the years, this city has changed and improved a lot in meeting the recreational needs of its families, and is moving in the right direction. Grande Prairie is no longer just a transient work town, and Erik intends to strive towards making Grande Prairie a true "hometown" to work, live and thrive in: A community to be proud of and a safe place to live and grow. Erik is  eager to add momentum to this progress and ensure Grande Prairie is not just a commercial hub, but also the Jewel of the North.

Coach Fleet

The transit situation in Grande Prairie is undergoing a major renovation and, understandably, experiencing some growing pains in the process. Our public transit system has long been underdeveloped for a city our size and population. Erik wants to make sure we are efficiently using the available staff and technological resources to provide the most effective solutions to move our people to where they need to be, keeping both cost and time efficiency in mind. Erik wants to ensure the City provides a safe, accessible and reliable form of transportation for all people in all types of weather. We are in the North and we need an accessible transportation system that works effectively in the unique challenges that living in the North presents. 


Housing and care for our community

Unfortunately, some of Grande Prairie's citizens have suffered under a variety of economic, social, and psychological challenges that have left many without a safe place to call home or a solution for a sustainable living. There are many marginalized people who are in desperate need of help--supportive housing and support with addictions and mental health being key foundational pillars.

This is a multifaceted issue with an array of widespread impacts, including stress on local healthcare facilities, family poverty, and criminal activity. Erik is committed to engaging this problem and helping those who need it most, in the way they need it most. Erik wants to ensure Grande Prairie stays committed and connected to their inclusive caring community strategic plan. We want to make sure Grande Prairie is safe for all who live here.